Fable review

I finished playing Fable, an RPG created by Big Blue Box and released by Microsoft in 2004, on the Microsoft Windows version for PC.

The story is about a kid who has his whole village destroyed and becomes a hero working for the heroes’ guild. Later we get to know that the person who destroyed our hero’s village is set to destroy the world and we need to stop him.

I enjoyed the game a lot. It has excellent graphics for such an old game and runs perfectly on PC. It has a great story and you are able to create your own story by making choices in the game, which will determine the outcome and the end of the stiry. It was fun and quite simple to play with a good battle system and some bits of humour every now and then.

An issue I had was that the character aged up too fast. I am a huge fan of side quests and a while into the game I noticed that my main character was getting old. I did not want that to happen so I started to mainly do the main quest. Another issue with the game is that it is a bit too easy in my opinion. If I died, which I almost never did, I would beat the part on the next try. I prefer more challenging games so while Fable was fun and interesting, I would have enjoyed it more if I faced a greater challenge. So I give Fable 4/5 stars.